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题目: Moduli spaces as ball quotients, local theory
报告人: 刘克峰教授, Department of Mathematics, UCLA
时 间: 2019年7月14日  10:30-11:30
地 点:西大楼 108 室
摘要: The moduli space of cubic surfaces is studied by Allcock, Carlson and Toledo. By studying the compactifications of the moduli spaces and the corresponding points in the period domain, they proved the global Torelli theorem for cubic surfaces. Moreover, they showed that the moduli space of stable cubic surfaces can be realized as a ball quotient. Several years later, they also proved similar results for cubic threefolds. Recently, we give a Hodge theoretic criterion to characterize  locally the moduli spaces of certain projective manifolds to be complex balls, which is a generalization of their work. Therefore their moduli spaces are complex balls under global Torelli theorem.
邀请人:沈洋 老师