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题目: Dynamics, numerical analysis, and some geometry

报告人:Prof. Dr. Christian Lubich   (Tuebingen University, Germany)

简介:Ch. Lubich 教授是国际著名的数学家,尤其在数值分析,微分方程几何算法研究方面作出了杰出的贡献。2001年荣获 SIAM Dahlquist Prize;2018年荣获 SIAM Outstanding Paper Award。2018年在国际数学家大会(ICM)上作一小时特邀报告。目前担任 Foundations of Computational Mathematics,SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis,Mathematics of Computation,IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis,Numerische Mathematik 等国际顶级期刊的编委。


摘要:Geometric aspects play an important role in the construction and analysis of structure-preserving numerical methods for a wide variety of ordinary and partial differential equations. Here we review the development and theory of symplectic integrators for Hamiltonian ordinary and partial differential equations, of dynamical low-rank approximation of time-dependent large matrices and tensors, and its use in numerical integrators for Hamiltonian tensor network approximations in quantum dynamics.

时间:2019年8月26日  下午16:00-17:00



邀请人:吴新元 老师