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题目: On the flow of implicitly constituted fluids


报告人:Erika Maringová, Charles University in Prague


摘要: In the talk, we study the Navier–Stokes-like and the Navier–Stokes– Fourier-like problems for the flows of homogeneous incompressible fluids. In the first part of the talk, we introduce a new type of boundary condition for the shear stress tensor, which includes the time derivative of the velocity. Therefore, we are able to capture the dynamic response of the fluid on the boundary. As the second part of the talk, we present the Navier–Stokes– Fourier-like problem formulated in the complete thermodynamic setting. In both parts, the constitutive relations are formulated implicitly with the use of maximal monotone graphs. The main result is the existence analysis for the above mentioned problems. 


时间:2019年8月26日  16:00-17:00


地点:西大楼 210


邀请人:吕勇 老师