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题目: On three dimensional flows of pore pressure activated Bingham fluids


报告人:Dr. Tomas Los, Charles University in Prague


摘要: We are concerned with a system of partial differential equations describing internal flows of homogenous incompressible fluids with activation depending on internal pore pressure, which is dominated by an advection diffusion equation with nonzero right hand side. This model may be suitable for description of certain class of granular water saturated materials. Inspired by recent approaches by Chupin and Mathe, Bulicek and Malek, Maringova and Zabensky, we prove long time and large data existence of weak solutions in three dimensions. Joint work with Anna Abbatiello, Josef Malek, Ondrej Soucek, Miroslav Bulicek.


时间:2019年9月5日 16:00-17:00


地点:西大楼 308


邀请人: 吕勇 老师