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Gywm line

题目:Modeling and simulation of moving contact lines in multi-phase fluids

报告人:任维清 (国立新加坡大学)

报告时间:2017年3月20日 16:00-17:00


摘要:Contact line forms when a fluid interface intersects with a solid wall. The moving contact line problem is a classical problem in fluid mechanics. The difficulty stems from the fact that the classical Navier-Stokes equation with no-slip boundary condition predicts a non-physical singularity at the contact line with infinite rate of energy dissipation. Many modified continuum models have been proposed to overcome this difficulty. Though they all succeed in removing the singularity, it is not clear whether they describe the real physics near the contact line region. In this talk, we will discuss how the continuum theory, molecular dynamics and the more recently developed multiscale techniques can be combined to give us a better understanding of the fundamental physics of the moving contact line and formulate simple and effective models. We also illustrate how this model can be used to analyze the behavior of the apparent contact angle, hysteresis and other important physical problems for the moving contact line.